Who We Are

Cole Gilbert

I’ve been at Cornell for over 20 years studying neuroethology of arthropods, mostly vision and mostly insects. I also enjoy teaching a lot and do it in a bunch of venues from leading ecotours for adults and families to exotic places in the world together with my wife, behavioral ecologist Linda Rayor, to teaching on campus courses with 300-400 biology majors.


Daniel Zurek PhD

Daniel joined the lab in spring of 2012 after completing his PhD on optics and visual behavior of jumping spiders at MacQuarie University in Sydney Australia with intellectual guidance from Ximena Nelson, Phil Taylor and David O’Carroll. He’ll be moving soon to Nate Morehouse’s lab at Pitt.

Email: dbz6@cornell.edu

UntitledMadeleine Perkins

Madeleine is a sophomore undergraduate biology major working in the lab since spring 2013. She’s just finished working on a data set to determine the visual cues that a beetle in hot pursuit of prey uses to know when it’s close enough to open its jaws in preparation for a snap. Soon she’ll be starting her own project on mantis neurobiology.

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