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New articles on cover crops for vegetable gardens – with preliminary results from research in Brooklyn!

As you’re planting and tending your vegetable crops, it’s not too early to start planning what cover crops you’d like to plant in late summer or fall!  Whether you’re looking to protect your soil, add legume nitrogen for next year’s veggies, or keep down weeds, check out our recent four-part series on the Garden Professors Blog to help you choose cover crops:

“Building Healthy Soil in Vegetable Gardens: Cover Crops Have Got it Covered”

You can read all four articles in the document linked above, or check them out individually on the Garden Professors website:

Exciting news — The article on selecting cover crops has preliminary results from our cover crop research in Brooklyn, and so should be especially useful for urban gardeners. More to come soon!

Thanks to the Garden Professors eXtension Community of Practice for providing me the opportunity to write and share these articles, and to John Porter of WVU Extension for providing helpful suggestions during the review process.

New Cover Cropping & Garden Planning Resources!

It’s that time of year again… time to plant cover crops in your garden to enrich the soil for future plantings and ensure that you start out with a weed-free (or at least less weedy) plot next spring!  Here are some resources to help you select, plant, and manage cover crops for these benefits in your garden:

Upstate NY gardeners (USDA Zone 6a): We have just developed resources on cover cropping and garden planning for Zone 6a.  Check them out here, or visit the Gardeners page and browse for them there!

New York City gardeners (USDA Zone 7b): If you’re in the warmer climate of New York City, you can review the cover cropping and garden planning resources for USDA Zone 7b here.

Happy cover cropping!

New Resource: Cover Crop Seed Sources

Check out this list of cover crop seed sources for gardeners in the NYC area!  There are also a few tips for sourcing good-quality cover crop seed.  Although the 2012 gardening season is winding down, you’ll want to be ready to order seed in early spring in order to get the varieties you want!

Cover Crop Seed Sources – NYC

This resource is also available on our page for Gardeners, along with other factsheets to help you choose the best cover crops for your vegetable rotations and management goals.

Got cover crops?: Tips for managing over-wintering cover crops in spring as you prepare beds for planting vegetables

So you planted an over-wintering cover crop last fall and now you have a beautiful stand of wheat, rye, crimson clover, hairy vetch, or perhaps a mixture!  Our factsheet, Managing Over-Wintering Cover Crops in Spring, has tips to help you get the most benefit from the cover crops for soil quality & fertility, and get your next veggie crops off to a good start.

Managing Over-Wintering Cover Crops in Spring

Try planting a cover crop in your garden this fall!

Now is the time to think about starting a cover crop beneath veggies that are nearing harvest!  The earlier you start your cover crop, the more it will grow and add to the quality and fertility of your soil.  Use our two-page factsheet to select a good cover crop for your urban garden, and learn how and when to plant it:

In English: Cover Crops for NYC Urban Gardens

In Spanish: Cultivos de Cobertura para los Huertos de NYC

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