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New Cover Cropping & Garden Planning Resources!

It’s that time of year again… time to plant cover crops in your garden to enrich the soil for future plantings and ensure that you start out with a weed-free (or at least less weedy) plot next spring!  Here are some resources to help you select, plant, and manage cover crops for these benefits in your garden:

Upstate NY gardeners (USDA Zone 6a): We have just developed resources on cover cropping and garden planning for Zone 6a.  Check them out here, or visit the Gardeners page and browse for them there!

New York City gardeners (USDA Zone 7b): If you’re in the warmer climate of New York City, you can review the cover cropping and garden planning resources for USDA Zone 7b here.

Happy cover cropping!


  1. Joanna Green says:

    These fact sheets are REALLY useful! Thanks so much!

  2. mmg98 says:

    Glad you find these useful! Feel free to share with anyone who may be interested. Please stay tuned for more detailed resources as we finish analyzing soil and plant samples, and pull together all that we’re learning from 2 years of cover crop research in Brooklyn gardens!

  3. Great resources, thanks for sharing them! It’s important to take care of the soil in the end of each season, because otherwise its quality will only decline and the next year’s crops will be prone to lots of diseases and pests.

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