Selected Publications

Goodwillie, C., R. D. Sargent, C. G. Eckert, E. Elle, M. A. Geber, M. O. Johnston, S. Kalisz, D. A. Moeller, R. H. Ree, M. Vallejo-Marin, and A. A. Winn. 2010. Correlated evolution of mating system and floral display traits in flowering plants and its implications for the distribution of mating system variation. New Phytologist 185:311-321

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Runions, C.J., and M.A. Geber. 2000. Evolution of the self-pollinating flower in Clarkia xantiana (Onagraceae). I. Size and development of floral organs. American Journal of Botany 87:1439-1451.

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