Principal Investigator

10177224_10152561131286025_3131105443265946989_nMonica Geber

Superhumanly Super P.I. whose interests include: the evolution and population biology of plants, ecological genetics, ecology and evolution of species’ geographic ranges, mating systems, and plant functional biology. Strongly averse to peanut butter+chocolate combos & mayonnaise and proud parent of two nutty Australian shepherds.




Graduate Students
IMG_7643Aubrie James

Likes: pollination, math, bees, Clarkia flowers. Also into puppies and toys. Co-founder of Cornell crazy socks friday consortium (CCSFC). Can usually be found in Corson tripping over things like own limbs and other labs’ expensive equipment. Consistently walking the line between ‘appropriate’ and ‘inappropriate’ demeanor/clothing in the work environs. Recovering semicolon enthusiast.





1496246_2312394449603_2079093034_oKate Eisen
Character displacement, baked goods, cool jewelry. Master of the Gold Greenhouse and being ON TOP OF IT, regardless of what ‘it’ is. Lover of all things Clarkia, sometimes eats spinach with nothing on it, which is endearing and not as weird as you may think initially. Picture of Kate shows up when you type ‘winner’ into google image search.





Gregor Siegmund 

Before turning to annual plants (“I want to work with an experimentally tractable system” he told himself before he tried to find the plants), I got the chance to play with macroalgae and their nitrogen-processing microbial communities, baby conifers and more guppies than you could find in all Petsmart stores, combined. I’m deeply indebted to (among many) Cathy Pfister’s lab, Janneke Hille Ris Lambers’ lab, and the Guppy Project for their training, wisdom and support.





Graduate Students

Christine (Jonas) Labich (M.S., 1997)

Patricia Doak (Ph.D., 1997)

Rhine Singleton (Ph.D., coadvised with Peter Marks, 1998)

Hester Parker (Ph.D., 1998)

Andrew Zink (Ph.D., coadvised with Richard Root, 2002)

David Moeller (Ph.D., 2003)

Mark Vellend (Ph.D., coadvised with Peter Marks, 2004)

Brian Barringer (Ph.D., 2007)

Jill Anderson (Ph.D., coadvised with Peter Marks, 2008)

Jesse Bellemare (Ph.D., coadvised with Peter Marks, 2009)

Sarah Reilly (Ph.D., 2012)

Laurelin Evanhoe

Billie Gould (Ph.D., 2013)

Indrani Singh (M.S., 2014)

Renee Petipas (Ph.D., 2018)


Research Associates

Eric Fabio (2009)

Julia Brokaw (2014)

Cara Grula (2015)

Ed Higgins (2015)

Noel Graham (2016)

Liz Richards (2016-2017)

Amy Wruck (2015-2018)


Post Doctoral Research Associates

Vincent Eckhart (1996)

C. John Runions (1999)

Steven Travers (1999)

Stephen Bonser (2001)

Ania Wieczorek (2002)

Gerardo Arceo-Gomez (2014)

Shaun McCoshum (2017)







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