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New maple syrup lessons from AITC

Exciting news!

The Western New York Maple Producers Association and NYS Agriculture in the Classroom is proud to present their new maple syrup production lessons for use in your classroom. Integrate the ideas and concepts of maple syrup production in the context of social studies, mathematics, ELA, and science.

Through this curriculum, your students will be learning essential elements of an important New York State agricultural product, while simultaneously engaging in and practicing the necessary classroom instruction skills. Agriculture is innately hands-on, and the activities featured will help your students develop their critical thinking skills while tasting, smelling, observing, and touching. The experiments have easy set ups with materials you already have on hand, there are ready-made smart board lessons, and an informational video that will capture your students attention.

The materials have been developed targeted for 2nd grade, but please feel free to alter sugar 1402the lessons and activities to meet your classroom’s needs.

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