Statewide Cornell Garden-Based Learning Vegetable Variety Trial (VVT) enters its third year in 2014.This project aims to gather data to help us create our recommended list of vegetable and herb varieties for New York State gardeners. Trial participants rate vegetable and herb varieties via the Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners citizen science online forum.Some elements from 2012 & 2013 trials will remain the same including the garden design, planting a variety of vegetables and incorporating ecological gardening practices.

What’s New for 2014? A Design Challenge!

We challenge you to design the 3×3-raised beds – design just one or design them all!  Designs will be gathered into an online photo gallery for all to view, share feedback and vote on favorites. A panel of CCE Master Gardener Volunteers and educators will review and choose the designs for the 9, 3×3 raised bed garden implemented in the Vegetable Variety Demo Garden (VVdG) on the Cornell campus.

Details on design criteria and submission requirements can be found on our web site here:

Don’t want to design a bed? Enroll as a participating county! As before, your county can join the VVT as a Full or Partial participant. See more info on our web site.

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    Great initiative. This will surely encourage gardeners and farmers to do creative gardening and farming.

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