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Vegetable Variety Trial Updates

The 2013 Vegetable Variety Trials continue throughout NYS as the summer heat holds on for a few more weeks. We’re excited to give you a peak into a few of the trials from around the State.  Stay tuned for other updates soon, and if you haven’t planted your fall crops - there’s no time like the present! :)

From Wayne County: Beauty and produce abound in our  2013 trial beds.  What fun to plant both vegetables and flowers/herbs in our same small plots.  Wayne County experienced an “early” spring.  Peas were in by April 4; and our sets and seeds by May 16th.  We have a different volunteer for each of our beds which makes for interesting team work.  The harvest continues as we enjoy the colorful additions of the flowers and herbs. We’ve been sharing our abundant crop of tomatoes with our nutrition team. They have used them when teaching about using fresh produce in meal preparation.





From Onondaga County: The trial garden is on the site of the Southwest Community Farm and jointly managed by CCE Onondaga and Jubilee Homes, Inc. The site hosts workshops, demonstrations and the Urban Delights Farmstand youth group for six weeks during the summer. Produce from the farm is sold by Urban Delights onsite and at the downtown farmer’s market, and is also donated to neighborhood residents and local food cupboards. The demonstration gardens include a three sisters planting of corn, beans and pumpkins; peanuts and popcorn; scented basils (cinnamon, lime, lemon, and holy basil); and a Vegetable Variety Trial Garden, a project of Cornell’s Garden-Based Learning program that showcases a variety of growing techniques and vegetable varieties.

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