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New Garden Educator E-list – Join Today!

JOIN the new NYS Garden Educator Network E-List!
Cornell Garden-Based Learning has just launched a new E-List for New York State garden educators, teachers who work with school gardens, volunteers, and anybody who engages in (or wants to) gardening programs with youth or adults.

We heard from garden educators statewide that there is a desire for a way to connect with folks doing similar work. While our Take Root! program has enabled more personal networking, online relationships are building through our online courses and our ever-increasing number of webinars. Our goal for this E-List is to help garden educators share successes, challenges, and resources, to publicize garden-related events occurring in NYS or that would be interesting to NYS garden educators. We hope the list can become a forum for asking questions and having worthwhile discussions to help strengthen all of the good work we do.

We are aware there are several garden-related listserves already in NYS and nationwide. Our intention is that this list is a complement to those in that it is not for a specific region/county of the state and that it is for folks involved in garden education, not just how to garden specifics.

JOIN the E-LIST – Here’s How:
1. Send an email message to
2. In the Subject of your message, type the single word: join.  Leave the body of the message blank.

* Once a member, to write to the entire list: Send a message to

Please note these general guidelines when writing to the list:
– Customize your Subject Line when posting new messages. Mention location if applicable.
– Do NOT post attachments. Include a link to the info. when possible rather than pasting in the email body.
– The list is set to default your reply only to the sender, not the entire list. You can choose to reply to both as appropriate.

We look forward to collaborating with you!  Please share this announcement widely…

Questions, Ideas, or Concerns?    Email Liz Falk at


  1. tony liccione says:

    I’m looking forward to receiving garden information from you, thank you

  2. BonnieLou Stekl says:

    I have done what i needed to do and my Ipad would not let me send. So how do i join?

  3. Liz Falk says:

    BonnieLou, it doesn’t appear that you are a member. Please try the joining process again if you don’t mind. I do believe yu should receive an email that confirms you joined the list. Please contact me via email if it still doesn’t work. thank you.

  4. Glad you stared this.

  5. Karen Tighe says:

    I look forward to learning and sharing from this resource, thank you!

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