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Small is Beautiful! Mini-grant Opp for CCE

Request for Proposals to Create County-based Ecologically-Designed Demonstration Gardens

Cornell Garden-based Learning (CGBL) is requesting mini-proposals from county-based Cornell Cooperative Extension programs to establish demonstration gardens in their county utilizing innovative methods of ecological design that may include but is not limited to permaculture, beneficial insects, soil building techniques or rain gardens.

Availability: Grants will only be awarded to CCE county-based programs in or partnering with community horticulture or youth development.

Funding: Applicants must be a CCE county-based office/program and can be (but is not required to be) submitted in collaboration with another county garden project/organization. CGBL will support six gardens, two at $400, and four at $250. Funding may be used for any and all necessary supplies including: plant materials, garden supplies, fencing, raised beds materials and signage. Funding may be used for, but is not limited to, expanding a 2013 Vegetable Variety for Gardeners (VVfG) Trial Garden project.  

How will funds be distributed? County programs will purchase supplies, and provide CGBL receipts for reimbursement. Note: Receipts must be submitted with proper paperwork within one year from the date the grant is awarded.

Application deadline and more details >> Be sure to download the FULL PDF here: Small is Beautiful_Final

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  1. Bunny Goodwin says:

    I would like to apply for the Small is Beautiful mini grant on behalf of the Keene Central School and community. I am a Master Gardener Volunteer with Essex County Cooperative Extension. Please send me the necessary paperwork.

    Bunny Goodwin

  2. Liz Falk says:

    Hello Bunny – Thanks for your interest. These grants are specifically for county-based Cornell Cooperative Extension programs to establish demonstration gardens in their county. If you’re able to collaborate with the Essex County office they can apply for this grant and you can work together with them to establish the garden at the school. The garden must be accessible to the public, and meet the other requirements listed on the Small is Beautiful Announcement. There is no necessary paperwork. Just be sure you downloaded the PDF from the blog posting.

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