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TED Talk Advocates for Local Food and Garden Movements

In the following TED talk, Pam Warhurst, Chair of the Board of the Forestry Commission in Great Britain, discusses the creation of Incredible Edible.  Incredible Edible is a world-wide initiative Warhurst co-founded which is dedicated to growing food locally and which has also helped to implement food and garden education programs in schools and communities.

The local food movement, Warhurst states, “is a movement for everyone…if you eat, you’re in.” The language of food, Warhurst states, cuts across age, income, and culture, and “we are all part of the solution.”

Warhust urges communities to “make food visible” and to “encourage our schools to take [food issues] seriously.” “If we want to inspire the farmers of tomorrow,” Warhurst states, “let us say to every school: create a sense of purpose around the importance of the environment, local food, and soils.  Put that at the heart of your school culture and you will create a different generation.”

Ready to get involved in the local food movement?  Learn about specific vegetables and how to grow them with our Growing Guides. Check out our Seed to Salad project which engages young people in growing salad gardens of their own.  Get involved with Youth Grow, a leadership program that trains youth to become actively involved in learning about and transforming their local food systems.  Read about Discovering our Food System, an experiential learning program about how food gets from farm to table and how we, as eaters, are part of the process.



  1. Cheryl says:

    The only words I can think of are “thank you!” I will be sharing this TEDtalk with everyone I know. I have some ideas and this just might pull it all together! Thank you, thank you.

  2. Daun Martin-poole says:

    The projects you mention are so interesting and thank you! It’s very important to involve our youth in knowing where food comes from and how to produce it.

  3. Wayne Austin says:

    These projects are dotted around London, I think they are doing a great job educating our youth how and where their food comes from.

  4. These is one of the amazing ted talks i have watched in a while. Am a great ethuthiast about food and growing from seed fresh food. thanks for the talk, i’ll definitely share it with all my friends

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