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News from Lazarus Lynch, former Youth Grow Participant and World Food Prize Winner

We were thrilled to hear from Lazarus Lynch, a former Youth Grow participant, world prize winner, and all around inspiration extraordinaire.  Check out his newest blog posting here, in this message from him below…

“I have written for this website called Inspired by the work of Nobel Laureate Norman Borlaug, this is a non-profit, online-driven initiative aimed at creating the next generation of Hunger Fighters®.  They hope the initiative will empower teens to take on the fight against hunger as an important focus in their lives and their careers. The program demonstrates how diverse interests, talents and expertise can all come together to tackle hunger, and it engages teens with action-oriented activities so they can start making a difference immediately. The title of my article is called “Youth Feed the World.” My article will be featured for the entire week. It is my perspective on the topic of hunger and how young people can get involved. Please read and help me spread the word.”

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