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Short, stand-alone lessons.

Homepage-masteryA Close Look: Cultivating Plant Observation Skills (pdf): Create secret bags of plant materials for participants to explore with all their senses to practice observations they can then connect to Botany Language Basics for Identification of Flowering Plants (pdf).

Drying Flowers (pdf): Master the process of air-dry flowers, a technique you can use with a variety of flowers and Drying-Flowersproduce a rich array of effects.

Fun With Natural Plant Dyes (pdf): Find out how the science of dyeing has evolved through history, and engage in natural dyeing experiments. This activity includes an excellent colorful handout for students.

Forcing-BulbsForcing Bulbs (pdf): Learn how you can make bulbs flower out of season for indoor enjoyment. Two types of bulbs are especially easy to “force” — Amaryllis and Paperwhite Narcissus.

Forcing Twigs (pdf): Discover how spring flowering trees and shrubs can be forced into bloom after they have completed their winter dormancy requirement.

grapevine-wreathsGrapevine Wreaths (pdf): A perfect fall activity – collect grapevines and create holiday wreathes with different themes.

Grow Spider Plants (pdf): Learn how to grow spider plants – these easy-to-propagate houseplants are terrific for beginning gardeners, or new gardeners on the go! They are very satisfying to work with and will provide you with enough plantlets to both grow and give away.

Spider PlantsHouseplant Clinic (pdf): In the snowy depths of winter, a plant clinic can be the perfect thing for reviving tired houseplants (and winter-weary people as well!)

Hypertufa (pdf): Learn about concrete and its history while working together to make hypertufa planters.

Making Fresh Flower Arrangements (pdf): Handling and arranging fresh flowers is one of the easiest and most making-potpourrtipleasant ways to bring the outdoors in!

Making Potpourri (pdf): Learn to make a variety of potpourris. There are numerous benefits to aromatherapy.

Making Rose Petal Beads (pdf): Work with youth to make flower-petal beads while exploring Native American culture and art.

Organizing a Classroom Grow Station (pdf): It’s amazing what we can do with small spaces devoted to gardening—both indoors and out. A small table, portable lidded tub, or shelf can be all the space you and your students need to teach and learn with plants and gardens in the classroom.

To-Tent-or-TunnelSatchets and Catnip Bags (pdf): Sachets have been historically appreciated for their sweet fragrance.

Season Extension: To Tent or Tunnel (pdf): Explore season extension- find out ways to get an early start with spring vegetables or extend the season of your fall garden.

Starting-Plants-from-PlantsStarting Plants from Seeds (pdf): This is the perfect April activity – starting seeds captures the promise of a new season!

Strawberry Yields Forever
 (pdf): Try out some tasty experiments with day-neutral strawberries.

turtleTurtle Sprouts (pdf): Join educators around New York State with this easy, introductory garden-based learning activity for children.

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