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Sowing the Seeds of Success [.PDF, 7.36 MB] – This booklet details the organizational steps needed to initiate a successful community gardening project with kids. Key chapters highlight how to define roles and responsibilities, form and manage partnerships, create an identity, raise funds, and more!

Using Plants to Bridge the Generations [.PDF, 11.13 MB] – This publication shows you how to plan for a Horticultural Intergenerational Therapy (HILT) program. HILT benefits the elderly by increasing their physical activity and mental stimulation, and benefits youth by introducing them to horticultural concepts and showing them how to cultivate relationships with the elderly.  This publication details how to organize participants, obtain funding, and lead activities such as planting bulbs and seeds, drying flowers, and building birdhouses.

Best Practices in Starting and Sustaining a School Garden [Video, 1:02:59 minutes] – This Fall 2012 Webinar, sponsored  by the USDA and The People’s Garden, discusses seed saving, how to engage volunteers in the garden, how to “go native,” how to compost and use compost, and best practices in starting and sustaining a school garden.

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