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Horticulture Myths from Washington State University Extension
How to Read a Research Article from Cornell

Organic at Cornell

Organic at Cornell – a gateway to the research and extension activities.

Resources to Help Identify Issues

Plant Diagnostics: What is “Wrong” With My Plant? (pdf)
Basic Entomology for Identification (pdf)
Botany Language Basics for Identification of Flowering Plants (pdf)
Guide to Identifying Viburnums and Viburnum Leaf Beetles
Weed Identification
Interactive Plant Manager: Search by Plant or Symptoms
Fruit: Berry Diagnostic Tool
Growing Degree Days and Pest Forecasts
Cornell Mushroom Blog FAQ
Plants Poisonous to Livestock and Other Animals
Soil Testing
The Soil Animal Handbook (pdf)
Information about identifying apple cultivars

Pest Factsheets and Guides

Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic Factsheets
Vegetable MD (includes some Pest & ID guides in Spanish)
Insect Diagnostic Lab Factsheets
Turfgrass Pests & Weeds
Tick and Mosquito Factsheets
What’s Bugging You?: Residential Home Pest Factsheets
Greenhouse Insect Pest Factsheets
Wildlife Damage Management Factsheets
Invasive Species Factsheets 
Cornell Guidelines for Pest Management Around Home – Cultural Methods (pdf – a large document – see links to individual sections below, on the bottom of this web page)
Cornell Pest Management Guidelines Series Includes Pest Management Around the Home (Chemical options)
Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management (pdf)

Management Resources

Late Blight
Vegetable Pathology for Gardeners
Managing Viburnum Leaf Beetle
Tree Fruit Integrated Pest Management (IPM) specifically Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD)
Weed Control for the Home Vegetable Garden (pdf)
Iron-based herbicide for broadleaf weed management in lawns (pdf)
Publication Library in Ecommons: For New York State Integrated Pest Management Program

Pesticide Product Information

Pesticide Management Education Program Factsheets
NYS DEC Bureau of Pest Management – Information Portal: Select Pesticide Products for information for NYS


Pest Management around the Home: Cultural Methods (pdf entire publication) Below are individual sections.

Cornell Library Resource: Evaluating Credibility


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