Garden Ecosystems – Experiment

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  • researchTry ecological landscaping—place plants/trees around your house in a way that helps to reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • In a garden (or part of a garden), try holding as many variables constant and making different changes, observing effects.
  • Try incorporating some (or more) native species and/or drought resistant plant species into your garden design. Which fare better throughout the course of the season or in the face of extreme weather conditions?
  • Try using rain barrels or grey water to water your gardens. Is there a way you can use the contours of the land or other aspects to help reduce the need to water certain areas?
  • Make some different composting batches and observe the effect in the garden—note timing and quantity.
  • Observe the effect of different mulches—note when and how much  is applied.
  • Experiment with different garden designs (ex. raised beds, raingardens—bowl shaped instead of mounded up) suited to your particular site or to help overcome certain obstacles.
  • Move any plants that do not seem to be doing well.


Take the time to compare your observations and findings with others.




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