Benefits of Garden-Based Learning

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Benefits of Garden-Based Learning
Gardening enhances our quality of life in numerous ways: providing fresh food, exercise and health benefits, opportunities for multi-generational and life-long learning, creating pleasing landscapes and improved environment, and bringing people together.

Garden-based learning programs result in increased nutrition and environmental awareness, higher learning achievements, and increased life skills for our students. They are also an effective and engaging way to integrate curriculum and meet learning standards, giving young people the chance to develop a wide range of academic and social skills.

Garden experiences foster ecological literacy and stewardship skills, enhancing an awareness of the link between plants in the landscape and our clothing, food, shelter, and well-being. They also provide children and youth with the time and space to explore the natural world–something that can occur rarely in today’s era of indoor living.

Why Garden in Schools?
You may be looking for ways to share the excitement of school gardening with other teachers or need to convince your administrators of the benefits of beginning a gardening program in your school. Although you are familiar with all the merits, you will need research-based justification as to why gardening is so important. Use this PowerPoint presentation Why Garden in New York State Schools? to get everyone on board. Designed as a guided presentation, or a stand alone that can run on its own, this will help you rally others and build enthusiasm for your gardening program.

Why Garden with Military Family Members ?
Our program’s work to offer garden-based learning resources and support to military helping professionals and military family members is part of the Military-Extension Partnership. Use the PowerPoint presentation Why Garden with Military Family Members?  to help rally others and build enthusiasm for a gardening program with military family members. Designed as a guided presentation, or a stand alone that can run on its own. Additional resources at:

Research That Supports Our Work
Bolster your grant-writing and case-making with evidence from journal articles and links to research that demonstrate the importance of gardening in children’s lives.

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