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Our mission is to provide educators with inspiring, research-based gardening resources and professional development to support engaging, empowering, and relevant learning experiences for children, youth, adults, and communities.

We are part of the Department of Horticulture and Cooperative Extension at Cornell University.

Our work encompasses programs, activities, and projects in which the garden is the foundation for integrated learning and discovery across disciplines, through active and engaging real-world experiences.  We are committed to the value of gardening with young people—balancing principles of youth development with garden-based content.

We provide professional development support for New York State residents engaged in mentoring, training, teaching, or other forms of education about gardening, through regional and state-wide in-services and workshops.  We also work nationally and internationally through symposia, conferences, and cultural exchanges.

We develop activities, programs, publications, and other educational materials, as well as share general garden information.  We pilot test, evaluate, and reflect on all of our materials prior to making them accessible for free on our website.

We partner with faculty and staff in other departments at Cornell, Cornell Cooperative Extension educators and volunteers (including Master Gardener Volunteers) in county associations, and with other organizations throughout the United States and internationally.

At the heart of what we do is a foundation of research-based knowledge.