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Welcome to the FVC Blog!

Stay tuned! The next Better Process Control School will be happening on May 1-4!

After working with food manufacturers from all across New York State and beyond for 28 years (get ready for a big party in 2018!) we have decided that it is time to introduce new ways to communicate with the great community of food entrepreneurs that we have been so pleased to work with for many years.

Throughout these past years, we’ve made our best efforts to keep information about food safety flowing, via our website, participating in conferences, publishing hardcore scientific papers and, of course, by being always available by phone or email when you need us. However, times have changed, and the expectation for an easier means of interaction has continuously increased. We are happy to announce the creation of this blog as well as of our Facebook page (imagine that!).

Our goal with the FVC blog is not simply to talk about food safety, but to talk about what is behind the scenes of food regulations in a creative, involving, and fun way. We also hope to be able to stimulate our partners to meet each other in the virtual world and provide a platform for you to collaborate in the future. You will also find information about upcoming events and exciting happenings here – and we can assure you, there is a lot going on in the Geneva campus!

You will be the one to judge if we are on the right path to accomplish these goals, but you will be also able to help us do so. Please use the comments section freely and write us if you have questions or suggestions for future posts. And please remember to refer other food geeks (or food novices!) to our blog too!


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