Marc meets regularly with growers to provide information about viruses, discuss research updates, and learn about concerns in fruit and vegetable industries.

Extension in the Fuchs lab focuses on the identification of virus diseases of vegetable and fruit crops, in particular emerging diseases. Information on the biology and ecology of viral diseases is disseminated to extension educators, growers, regulators, horticulture inspectors, and agriculture service providers. Efforts are also directed to a grape certification program, a plum pox virus eradication program, and service activities for assisting the timely implementation of virus disease management strategies.



Sometimes he’s even allowed to try out the equipment…








PhD student Libby Cieniewicz teaching 5th graders about the parts of a flower.

Outreach events like Fun on the Farm are a great chance for graduate students to get involved in extension and public outreach.








Disease Fact Sheets NYSIPM Disease Factsheets eCommons Digital Repository
Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus
Apple stem pitting virus
Grape leafroll disease
Grapevine red blotch disease
Plum pox disease of stone fruits
Blueberry scorch disease
Blueberry shock disease
Fanleaf degeneration/ Decline disease of grapevine

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