Latest research from the Fuchs lab: GRBV and WVV1 in wild grapevines throughout California, but not New York!

Congratulations to Libby on her research article published in Plant Disease! This research is the result of collaborative research involving extension experts from throughout New York State and California. Grabloviruses, grapevine red blotch virus and wild Vitis virus 1 were found in California wild vines in higher abundance closer to vineyards. Genetic diversity of GRBV and WVV1 isolates from wild vines and the spatial proximity of infected vines to commercial grape production suggest that GRBV is moving predominantly from cultivated to wild vines, rather than the opposite. However, wild vines may still serve as a source of inoculum for GRBV near vineyards. Good news for New York- GRBV and WVV1 were not found in any wild vines from NY state.

Libby Cieniewicz and Keith Perry locating and collecting wild grapevine samples in California.

Thank you to everyone involved in this research!

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