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Webinar June 29: Summer insect management in cherry – keeping covered for SWD

Webinar: Summer insect management in cherry – keeping covered for SWD
Monday June 29th, noon-1pm
Registration link:

Organized by Lake Ontario Fruit program and NYS IPM. Proudly sponsored by FMC and Valent USA.


  • 10 min: Intro, sponsorship, SWD biology basics – Janet v Z
  • 15 min: SWD management in tart cherry – Julie C
  • 20 min: Managing cherry fruit fly, black cherry fruit fly, and European cherry fruit fly – Art A
  • 15 min: Questions and answers

As SWD has now been trapped in most locations across the state, and fruit begins to blush, it’s time to be sure to keep a tight control schedule in any orchard with SWD pressure. Join us for this webinar, organized by LOF and NYS IPM and sponsored by Valent and FMC, where we will discuss the best management tactics to combine control for SWD and fruit flies in cherry and other crops.

This event is free, but pre-registration is required. Once you register, you will receive and email with a password, which will be required to login.

Any questions or concerns with registration please direct to Craig Kahlke at


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