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7/22/2011 – Update

July 25 – July 27 —  VESDA Pipe noise reduction: There will be additional work on the air sampling system installation at both ends of stack levels 3-7 which will result in muffling the sounds emanating from the wall units. It will require some drilling. We are hoping that this work will only take two days, not three.

Week of July 25 – Paint touch up in stairways: This work will be done after closing.

Week of July 25 – 2nd floor Kitchen Closet: Workers will install a sprinkler head in the closet.

Weeks of Aug and Aug 15 – Drinking fountains: The drinking fountains on the first floor in 110 (west end outside of 111) and the second floor will be removed and replaced with new ones with filters.

Aug 8 – Aug 29 (approximate work span) — Olin/Kroch corridor fire stopping: Prior to the construction of Kroch Library in the early 1990’s, there was a sculpture court where a portion of the Olin side of the corridor is now located.  A roof was constructed over the sculpture court during the Kroch project.  During the fire safety project, we discovered that the sprayed fire-proofing had not adhered to the underside of the roof and had fallen onto the ceiling tiles in the corridor. This has to be repaired.

The remaining fire-proofing has to be removed. New material will be sprayed. The work area will be totally enclosed to help reduce dust, spray smells, fumes and noise. Extra measures will be taken to protect the floor.  Access between Olin and Kroch will be maintained through a tunnel along the south side of the corridor. Not all of the corridor will be part of the work zone, only the portion of the former sculpture court (essentially the area in the corridor where the large windows are located). No doors to office areas on either side will be blocked.

End of September or Early October (exact dates TBD) — 6th floor façade restoration: LeCesse will replace the limestone panels that were removed as part of the façade investigation for the cancelled Olin Renovation Project.


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