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Olin Library Fire Safety Improvements Project

The university has authorized a Fire Safety Improvements project to make the John M. Olin Library safer for both occupants and collections. The work is needed to mitigate fire safety risks and bring the building into compliance with current building codes. This project will provide numerous improvements as it updates and expands fire safety systems throughout the building, along with improving the means of egress from all parts of the building.

Scope of work

  • A fire suppression (sprinkler system) throughout the building
  • A new fire pump to support the sprinkler system
  • A new fire and smoke detection system
  • A new fire alarm system
  • Improved means of egress at the two main stairways
  • Upgraded emergency lighting
  • Improved fire separations at all critical stairwells and mechanical/electrical/plumbing chases
  • Fire- and smoke dampers at the supply and return air shafts in the center of the building
  • Elimination of occupied spaces on the eighth floor

Phased Project

The project will be phased one to two floors at a time with displaced staff, services and some collections being temporarily accommodated in other locations largely in Olin or Uris Library. Every effort will be made to coordinate these temporary conditions in relation to the ongoing needs of patrons and staff. Limiting disruption to all library users, faculty, and staff in daily operations is of critical importance, however, this will be a very large project that touches every part of the building and disruptions will be inevitable. We appreciate your patience during this most important project.

Project Schedule

Design and Cost Analysis — August 2009 – September 2009
Design Development — November 2009 – January 2010
Construction Documents — February 2010 – March 2010
Bid — April 2010 – May 2010
Construction Start — June 2010
Construction Finish — Fall 2011

Please check this website for frequent updates.


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