School Gardens

School gardens provide exciting opportunities for students to learn first-hand about local food and agriculture. As part of Farm to School programming, gardens can enhance classroom learning, and in some cases, even produce food for school meals or snacks.

Touching Kale CC courtesy of edenpictures on Flickr

Touching Kale

The following steps and resources should help you start and maintain a successful garden.

Learn How School Gardens Support Farm to School

See Starting and Maintaining a School Garden by the National Farm to School Network that describes the benefits of school gardens, as well as some basic steps to get started.

Collaborate with Others

School teachers, administrators and custodians, as well as parents, community members, and Cornell Cooperative Extension professionals all have important roles to play in developing and maintaining a successful school garden. Bringing together stakeholders with different perspectives and expertise helps ensure broad support.

Explore Opportunities and Plan a Garden


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