The Final(!!!) Slope Week …

After months and months of waiting, here it is:  my final week of Cornell classes … ever.

It’s been a long time coming, but don’t mistake that for me saying that it’s gone by slowly.  My years in Ithaca seemed to have gone by at turbo warp-speed, and it’s beyond bizarre to think back to my first CTown party as a freshman, my first Hotelie class (with Dr. Snow, just FYI, so I hit the ground running), my first group project, my first time in Llenroc before I pledged, my first psych class, and too many other “firsts” to go through.  Never has it felt like such a contradiction, when experiences can seem like such a long and short time ago at the same time.

But Slope Week has finally arrived!  Like a good little senior, I have almost nothing to do (aside from a couple papers that I can cram), so I’m sittin’ pretty for the alcoholic destruction that will most certainly occur this Friday.  Llenroc will be the location of choice as always, with a graceful stumble up the slope to follow.  In case you haven’t heard, Nelly will be rockin’ the slope this year, so I’m really gonna try to remember this one (given my capacity to do so has dwindled since my freshman Slope Day) — especially since I use to bop down the road on the school bus, middle-school style, when Nelly was hot on the scene years ago.  Good times.

As you can tell, my desire (and to some extent, my ability) to give you academic updates has hit somewhat of a stopping point, so most of the info you’ll get from me from here on out will be purely senior-ish.  Only academic news I can give you right now is that I made the final decision a couple weeks ago to attend UC San Diego this coming fall for an Experimental Psychology PhD (not a traditional Hotelie move, I know).  Exciting news fo’sho’, and I’m thrilled especially about one particular thing that Ithaca really seems to lack from time to time; I wonder what that is …

UC San Diego academic building. Looks sunny, no? ...

Will keep you posted on my slow descent towards graduation at the end of May.  Here goes nothin’.

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