The End is Coming.

One month to go until I leave this cornucopia of Ithaca goodness.  The days seem to be flying by at warp-speed, but it’s getting easier and easier for me to accept the fact that I actually have to pack my bags and head off to my future.  That being said, by being a senior myself and hanging out with quite a few of them in the past few months up until now, distinct (and hilarious) patterns emerge.  For lack of a better term (and really, the resemblance to this is uncanny) — ever heard of the 5 stages of grief?  Well, here’s what many Cornell seniors actually go through — although obviously a bit different …

  1. Denial = Classic avoidance of actually thinking about graduating.  When you ask the person about it, they just shrug quickly or say “I don’t know; I haven’t thought about it,” and run away from you like you have the plague.  I was here for a while, and it’s definitely a comfy place to be up until you hit your senior spring.
  2. Anger = Also very easy to see.  Lots of times around the Hotel School (and I think it’s similar in other schools at Cornell, too), seniors seem a little more edgy than their sophomore and junior counterparts when asked about anything post-May.  Case in point:  Overheard a conversation between 2 seniors at Terrace the other day that basically boiled down to one saying, “so why do you think so many people don’t have jobs yet?,” and the other huffing, “I don’t know, but it’s not what I want to talk about right now.  Not at all,” after which they dropped their food on the floor.  Yeah, I don’t wanna talk about it either.
  3. Bargaining = Kind of a unique one, but have you ever seen one of those seniors that gets the brilliant idea to start looking at Cornell graduate school programs in like February?  Bargaining, my friend.  “Oh wait, maybe if I go to a master’s program here, I can hang on a bit longer!”  Watch for it; you’ll see it.
  4. Depression = Not so much right now, but think about all those circles of last-semester sorority girls that start crying when they think about their freshmen year.  The senior frat dude that suddenly starts tagging old college photos on FaceBook.  The geeky senior guy that starts opening up old homework files from his intro courses “just to see what they look like.”  Mmhmm …
  5. Acceptance = Graduation Day is when this truly sets in, I think.  Cameras flashing, friends hugging, confetti popping … seems to be the only time in the process I can really see where people are happy about the prospect of leaving.  This seems pretty far away for me, but in my old man age, I guess I can see the personal fulfillment from saying that you actually survived this crazy place.

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  1. This is great. Its quite interesting the different mood phases that we go through when finally reaching that plateau of where we finally are on our own. The Denial is great because its hard to believe that time has flown by so fast, yet in the beginning it was going so slow. Now that final time is here and the depression sets in right before you have that true excitement. Anyways congratulations on your great success.

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