Yawn Outside!

So this is a little overdue (and I do realize that I should be doing a nostalgic, poignant, “I can’t believe I just finished my last final of the semester”-type post) but I needed to write something about the Cornell Hotel School’s most recent foray into the mainstream media.

Mark Talbert is a professor in the IT/IS Department at the Hotel School, and he is the one that teaches the famed Friday lectures for HADM 1174 — Business Computing (basically another freshmen core course at the Hotel School that makes you want to cry in misery almost weekly).  If you haven’t been privy to this story already, during one of these lectures, Talbert apparently heard one of the students in an “overly loud yawn” that just sent him into one of the most famous tizzies that Cornell has ever seen.  And just in case you haven’t come across the now-famous YouTube video, here you go:  Cornell Professor Outbursts at a Student’s ‘Overly Loud’ Yawn.

Long story short, this thing spread like gangbusters.  First, it was around the Hotel School, then YouTube, then local news, and then, SOMEHOW, this ridiculous thing hit national news because we apparently don’t have anything more important to report on the U.S. national news than professors’ in-class tantrums (if you don’t believe me, here you go … again:  Professor Goes Nuts After Student Yawns).  My god, there’s even T-SHIRTS now!  Seriously?

And if you couldn’t tell from my subtleties already, I think this is pretty funny.  I mean, how does a friggin’ YAWN cause this much national commotion?  Sure:  He lost his mind in class.  And yeah, it was about a yawn.  Kinda funny.  But holy crap, is this really national news worthy?  I would even throw my support behind Talbert because let’s be honest:  We’re all tired in lectures.  I don’t think that I would be exaggerating to say that upwards of 95% of Cornell kids are extremely sleep-deprived — just a couple days ago, I walked right into a light-post on College Ave. while drinking my 24oz. CTB coffee because my eyelids felt like led blankets.  So making a theatrical event out of your yawn in the middle of lecture is unnecessary.  And rude.  Yawning isn’t like sneezing; it’s not like you have no control and just have to let loose that second on everyone around you.  Do one of those covert “silent” yawns like everyone else does, and shut up.

Cornell seems to be supporting Talbert as well, which I think is encouraging at least.  I think this has been dying down, but the whole trajectory of it was just insane to watch.

Anyways:  One of those end-of-semester posts to come.   Stay tuned 😀

2 thoughts on “Yawn Outside!”

  1. Congrats on finishing finals!
    As far as the Talbert thing, I’d have to agree with you. Not to get on a soap box but what ever happened to the news reporting news rather than gossip?
    Oh well, good luck next semester.

  2. This is a lesson that everything we do or say can be caught on camera and, if it’s idiotic enough, proliferated around the country.

    This guy needs a good spanking. Outside.

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