NFL: How I’ve Missed You.

Now that the National Football League is back in full swing, I’m back to my usual habits of chronic procrastination on Sundays, foregoing the academic grind by choosing pigskin and grotesque tackles instead. For me, the football season always signifies that the fall has really started, and it lets the rest of my “beginning of the school year” routine fall into place.

Case in point — my New York Giants are playing the Cowboys tonight. And yes, while briefing Business Law cases is very important for getting to know the material, for the joy of learning, blah blah blah, my attention will be focused to more important matters … like whether or not Eli and Brandon Jacobs have the potential to return me to Super Bowl glory like they did in my freshman year. Only time will tell, and I’m just gonna ride the big blue wave in the process (while studying of course :D).

3 thoughts on “NFL: How I’ve Missed You.”

  1. Hey Evan! I’m a prospective Hotelie and i was just wondering (warning: this is an off-topic, random question) where the cornell students get their hair cut? Are there any hair salons nearby?

  2. Hi Caroline,

    From what I’ve heard (and from what I do myself), pretty much everyone goes to places that are in Collegetown — there are quite a few salons/barber shops on just Dryden alone, so pretty much everyone can find something there.

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