Climate Smart Commununities – Video Modules

Pledge Element #7: Plan for Adaptation to Unavoidable Climate Change

The videos below are a series of educational modules designed to help communities get involved in NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC)’s Climate Smart Communities Program

As part of the Climate Smart Communities Program, there are 10 “Pledge Elements”, with goals of climate resilience which communities can strive to obtain. Pledge Element #7, which these video modules cover, pertains to “Planning for Adaptation to Unavoidable Climate Change”.

Under Pledge Element #7, there are 25 “actions” municipalities can take to earn points and to help make their communities more climate resilient. These videos will cover a number of these actions in greater detail:

Action 7.11: Adopt a floodplain management and protection ordinance to reduce vulnerability to flooding and erosion

Part 1Enhance Your Community’s Floodplain Management Ordinance

Part 2: Going ‘Above & Beyond’ State Minimum Standards

Part 3: Reading FEMA Flood Maps

Action 7.15
: Promote community flood prevention strategies through the National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System

Action 7.21
: Right-size bridges and culverts, and remove unnecessary and hazardous dams


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