The ECC is a community of radical hospitality with students hailing from all over the Anglican Communion and throughout the world. Within our community there is  great diversity of political  and theological beliefs. For us, radical hospitality means that all are welcome to take part in our community regardless of their own personal theological convictions.  Because we feel strongly that transparency is crucial for those who come to our community having been damaged in the past by religious intolerance and/or bigotry of any kind, we share with you the following information about our leadership and its support of our LGBTQ members.


ECC is a constituent college chaplaincy in the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York. Our bishop, DeDe Duncan-Probe, is fully supportive of the full inclusion of our LGBTQ members, including  full access to all the sacraments including marriage and  ordained ministry. We have at least one transgendered priest in our diocese at the current time and celebrate her ministry among us.


Our student leaders at all levels have included openly LGBTQ students and we support them in all aspects of Christian life, including ordained ministry and marriage. We have openly gay ECC alums as priests, seminarians, and lay people and we rejoice in their ministries and are proud of the battles they have fought for all of us in the church which is still not yet fully open to them in all places.

ECC alumna and Episcopal priest The Rev. Carla Roland speaking at Cornell’s 19th annual Lavender Graduation.


Finally, we pledge to advocate for the full rights of our LGBTQ members whenever we see evidence of either overt or covert discrimination, including theological justifications for the exclusion of LGBTQ persons from all aspects of life in our Christian communities.

Located in Anabel Taylor Hall

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