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Episcopal Church at Cornell

Anabel Taylor Hall

Wait Avenue

If Anabel Taylor Chapel is the liturgical home of our community, the chaplain’s residency at 214 Wait Avenue on North Campus could be considered its spiritual heart and soul as well as a home away from home. Home of the chaplain Clark, his wife Sarah, their three young children and kitty cat Delancey (named for an Episcopal bishop of course!), Wait Avenue is also a welcome center for our ECC community. Annual barbecues in the spring and fall, summer get togethers for those in residence, and periodic ‘fireside chats’ are also held in the back yard on cool fall and spring nights. We also have community gatherings here for classes, Christmas parties, and the occasional impromptu gathering of students and friends for house church. Many a Sunday night meal has originated from the Wait Avenue kitchen, and students are warmly invited to ‘book’ ┬átime to use its kitchen to bake some cookies or whip up a Sunday night meal should the spirit inspire!

house church 2010

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