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Episcopal Church at Cornell

Anabel Taylor Hall







Easter 3 April 19 2015


Prelude   Praeambulum and Fuga in F     Vincent Lubeck

Vincent Lubeck (1654-1740) was organist at Hamburg’s famous St. Nikolai,where he played one of the largest contemporary organs (in the style of our organ in Anabel Taylor Chapel).


schola anthem   If Ye Love me           Thomas Tallis [1505-1585)


The life of Thomas Tallis is a mirror of the musical effects of the Anglican Reformation in England. He served in the Chapel Royal for some 40 years, composing under four Monarchs with widely differing religious practices. During the reign of King Edward VI (1547-1553) it was mandated that the services be sung in English, and that the choral music be brief and succinct “to each syllable a plain and distinct note.” If Ye Love Me is the classic example of these new English anthems: mainly homophonic, but with brief moments of imitation. Like many early Anglican anthems, it is cast in ABB form, the second section repeated twice.



Postlude   Final Allegro from “Spring” (The Four Seasons)     Antonio Vivaldi


The Four Seasons is undeniably the most famous of Vivaldi’s 500 concertos, and was published in 1725. One of the earliest admirers of the work was the French King Louis XV, who frequently requested its performance in Paris.


Opening Hymn   180 He is risen, he is risen

Sequence Hymn 213 Come away to the skies

Offertory Hymn 205 Good Christians, all, rejoice and sing

Closing Hymn (separate sheet) God be with you till we meet again

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