Who We Are

About the Episcopal Church at Cornell

We are a vibrant group of Cornell undergrads, grad students, faculty, staff, and people from Ithaca committed to campus ministry. We are a home away from home for students, and a place for professors to set aside their titles. Some of us were raised in the Episcopal Church or the Church of England; some of us were raised Roman Catholic or Protestant or without any religion at all. We are an inclusive community which welcomes to full participation people from every race, sexuality, gender and level of ability.

Our life together is built upon the weekly celebration of Eucharist and a shared dinner. When we baptise, we pray for an “inquiring and discerning heart” – we love to ask questions, and through study programs, sermons, and our observances throughout the liturgical year, we come to know God together as we deepen our knowledge of theology and the church.

Service Times during the Academic Year:

Sundays, 5PM – Holy Eucharist  – Anabel Taylor Hall Chapel

Thursdays 9PM – Choral Compline – Anabel Taylor Hall Chapel

Come as you are. All are welcome.

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Located in Anabel Taylor Hall

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