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Do You Need an ORCID iD?

If you are a Cornell faculty member, graduate student, postdoc, or research associate who publishes in scholarly journals, the answer is Yes!  ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and ensures that your work is recognized by linking you to your professional activities. Unlike other research IDs, your ORCID iD is universal. It’s not tied to any institution or database, and it can follow you wherever your research takes you. More than 3,000 journals are already collecting ORCID iDs from corresponding authors. Creating your ORCID iD is easy. Go to the Library’s ORCID guide to find out how, or contact Help@ORCID at Once you’ve created your ORCID iD, it’s easy to add your scholarly works to your ORCID record, enable automatic updates, and delegate management of your record to someone else. Be identified with the good work you do: get your ORCID iD.


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