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Cornell Is…

When Life Gets Stressful…

September 26, 2011 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Prelims have begun.

Therefore, so has camping out in the library until the wee hours of the morning. For several days in a row. My stress level related to academics has grown exponentially in the last week.

So what does a person do to deal with the demands of Cornell academics?

Watch ridiculously cute YouTube videos of course!!! (Follow the link. Right now. We all have times when we read blogs and think to yourself, “Now, I really don’t have time to watch another stupid YouTube video.” But this time is the exception; you should always make time for something that will brighten your day.)

But in all seriousness, it is the little things that help me get through. Yeah, calculus is hard. Yeah, I’ve never done computer programming before and my first prelim ever was for Matlab. Yeah, I’m across the country from home. But in the end, the work is going to pay off. And there are so many great ways to deal with stress. Here’s what has worked for me this week (other than watching the most ridiculously cute youtube video of all time. You have to admit, that has to be the cutest thing you’ve seen all week.)

  1. Power napping between classes somewhere in the engineering quad. We’ve all walked through Duffield on any given day and seen at least five people passed out on various chairs, couches, and assorted flat surfaces. Well, I was definitely one of those people. The couches in the lobby of Carpenter are very nap-friendly also.
  2. Walking in the plantations. It’s beautiful and fresh air is always calming.
  3. Studying outside. Again, fresh air rocks and it was sooooooo nice outside this weekend.
  4. Doing something not engineering related. Like star gazing on the grass couch in the ag quad.
  5. Having awesome friends. This is always a good idea, regardless. And the people at Cornell pretty much rock, so it’s not hard to find great friends.
  6. Procrastinate by blogging about it. I really should be studying right now… ;) So I think it’s time to wrap it up now.

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