Life as a Cornell Undergrad

In order to give the blog some youthful perspective, I decided to interview two of my favorite Cornell undergrads, Christina and Miguel. Miguel is a senior and Christina is a junior. They both do a terrific job with research in my lab, the Cohen lab. And I am a big fan of both of them, so I decided to ask them some questions and share their answers with you guys.

Look how cute they are!



Tell me 3 facts about yourself.

Christina: I am from southern California. I am Pre-Med. I love the beach and swimming.

Miguel: I am from Miami. I am Pre-Med. I could watch Desperate Housewives re-runs for the rest of my life.


If you were a brand what would be your motto?

Christina: Sleep.

Miguel: Miami, b****.


What is your favorite part about Cornell?

Christina: I love the people I guess, just how smart and motivated the people are. It is so contagious. The professors are so excited about teaching, research, and their topic, and that gets the students excited.

Miguel: I like that since Cornell is so diverse there is a club for almost every different culture, so if you are interested in learning about different cultures there are a lot of opportunities to go to events. There are around 100 clubs just for Asian cultures.


What are you involved in on campus?

Christina: I am involved in research in the Cohen lab, Alpha Chi Omega,  and I am going to start working in a prison education program next semester.

Miguel: I am involved in the Cornell Taiwanese American Society, the Cohen Lab,  the Chemistry Fraternity: Alpha Chi Sigma, and Cornell Tradition. Also, I work for community center programs. What we do is host events every night of the week to make a community for those on north campus so they feel more comfortable and can relax. Actually, we recently did a poll and asked what would be the most important thing to be a successful Cornell student and the answer was learning how to deal with stress.


Miguel, what is Cornell Tradition?

Cornell Tradition is an honors program. I get a lot of opportunities through it. I was able to personally meet the CEO of a company that has donated over a billion dollars to Cornell, which was pretty cool.


Christina, what is it like being in Alpha Chi Omega?

It has been really fun and positive. I have met a lot of people wouldn’t have met otherwise. It has also been great for academic help, like what classes I should take, what I need to do to be good applicant for Medical School, internships, and things like that. It has also been a fun source for events outside of school.


What are some tips for people considering coming to Cornell?

Christina: Cornell is really hard. You have to put a lot of work in, but enjoy it. The environmental factors also have to be taken into consideration. You have to thinks about the winters. You should also get to know Ithaca. The summers are gorgeous, the swimming and waterfalls are great.

Miguel: I think an important part of being a Cornell student is learning how to successfully manage time and work efficiently.


Can you tell me some secrets about Cornell?

Christina: There are tunnels connecting certain buildings that most people don’t know about. Also, there is free printing in Rockfeller and CCC.

Miguel: Louie’s, a popular food truck, on north campus and it has a secret menu. In order to find it you have to click on the online menu 3 or 4 times and then the secret menu comes up. Also, Cornell Cinema sometimes does showings of some movies for free before they come out. There’s also a grocery store in Anabel Taylor Hall.


Do you guys have any more questions about Cornell? Let me know! 🙂


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