And we are back.

The holidays are over and the semester has started back up. Classes started last Wednesday.

Over the holidays I went to visit my parents in Virginia and was met with some warm temperatures. We had multiple days with 70F temperatures leading up to Christmas. It was summery, short-wearing, tennis-playing weather, nothing like the way Christmas is expected to be.


Where my parents live in Virginia is right near the historic Colonial Williamsburg. Colonial Williamsburg decorated from Christmas, despite the warm weather, and it was beautiful! To tour Colonial Williamsburg, my brothers, boyfriend, and I got year passes and went to walk around the sites a few days over the break.


Colonial Williamsburg is great! There is a mix of indoor and outdoor things to see and do. The employees all have a role to play, are dressed in traditional clothes, and are very knowledgable. And the Colonial Williamsburg campus is sprawling and wonderful to walk on a nice day, which is what we had over Christmas!


I think that my favorite place was the Governor’s Palace. We had an amazing tour guide, who didn’t break character for the entire 15 min tour. He walked around the house telling us what roles we would play as servants to the Governor. The best thing about Colonial Williamsburg, though, is that every tour you go on is just a little different, since there are so many different people giving the tours, all with different perspectives and focuses. So, every time you visit it is a little different. 


For lunch, one of the days, my family and I went to one of the traditional 18th century restaurants on the Duke of Gloucester Street, The King’s Arms Tavern. As a starter I got the traditional peanut soup, which tasted like savory hot peanut butter. It was definitely an experience. 


After spending the day going to talk the shopkeepers and learn about all the different shops, I suggest you stop by the bakery and get a “Fat Boy.” The name for the big, delicious gingerbread cookies. I definitely suggest touring Colonial Williamsburg if you are looking for a place to visit!


Wishing you all the best of luck with the start of the Spring semester! 





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