My Favorite Things About Japan

Welcome back to Cornell!

I have been here for most of the summer, working in the lab, working on my A-Exam (Examination for Admission to Candidacy), and enjoying to quietness of campus.

The Cornell campus is remarkably still during the summer. There are still thousands of people working away, but the streets have much less people and the dining halls and fitness centers have less hours. I can’t deny that I enjoy all the free parking spots and lack of traffic, but it is nice having you all back too!

This summer, I did take two weeks off to visit the Land of Endless Mochi… Japan!

Being in a military family, it is not uncommon to be a few timezones away from your loved ones at a given time. So, it isn’t very odd that my parents were stationed in Japan for three years. It made phone cell times a bit complicated, but it also gave me a great chance to visit Asia.

This summer, I made my 4th trip to Japan. There are many things I enjoy about Japan, but here are my favorites.

1. The photo booths

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Japanese photo booths are world renowned for their extreme technology. For just 4 dollars you can spend a good 30 minutes editing your photos with stickers, changing hair colors, adding makeup, or writing different things. There are honestly thousands of changes you can make to your photos. At the end you leave with photos for you and a friend!


2. Mochi


As you may know from previous posts and his instagram page, I have a cat named Mochi. He was named Mochi because of my love for a Japanese delicacy. It is gooey rice flour deliciousness and I can’t get enough of it. In Japan, rice is huge and mochi is made from pounded rice. There are numerous flavors and fillings that are added to it and they are all so yummy.


3. Matcha and Red Bean


These two things don’t always come together, but when they do I am happy! Matcha is a powdered Japanese green tea, that is traditionally used in tea ceremonies and is drank hot. Red Beans are a sweet dessert that is a like a paste made of sugar and beans mixed. When I went to Tokyo Disneyland, I got this snow cone that was matcha flavored, had red beans, and a mochi that looked like a little green man from Toy Story…Perfection!


4. Crazy Signs


You see a lot of crazy signs in Japan. Some are just pictures and some are written in very very poor English. They are so funny and crazy you can’t help but laugh and take pictures.


5. The Cute Cat Things


Japan is known for their cat cafes, but their love of cats doesn’t end there. They have tons and tons of adorable home decor and clothing embellished with cats. In one pet store, there were three in house boutiques dedicated to cat pampering, a hotel, a terrace, and a salon. So cute!


I could go on and on about my favorite things in Japan… But I won’t! Have any of your guys visited Japan? What are your favorite things? Let me know in the comments!

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