3 Things You Missed During Charter Day (but can enjoy now)


This weekend was Cornell’s Charter Day Weekend! And there were tons of really cool activites all around campus. You may have missed some things during Charter Day weekend, but don’t worry I am here to share my favorites with you now:

1. Cornell and the Joy of Discovery: Any Person, Any Planet.

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Talk about an amazing talk! This presentation featured two of the most renowed Cornell scientists, Steve Squyres and Bill Nye the Science Guy, and it was incredible. They both gave gave a background on the history of discovery as well as a great deal of personal antecdotes.  Lucky for you it was taped and you can watch it for yourself here.


2. Cornell Big Red Birthday Bash.


Fun. That is the only way to describe this event. It was filled with thousands of Cornell students, faculty, and Ithacans. There were samples for all sort of different local foods and performances from all your favorite Cornell and Ithaca Performers. I was able to get a picture with some of the guys from the Cornell Bhangra. They made news last year when they were features on The Today Show and America’s Got Talent.

There were birthday cupcakes and ice cream as there should be with any birthday bash. Though, the ice cream they had was Cornell Dairy’s official sesquicentennial ice cream, Sweet CORNell. You can still stop by Cornell Dairy Bar for some Sweet CORNell Ice Cream, or if you aren’t in the area you can get some delivered to you!!

Or if you are lactose intolerant there is the: What Cornell Ice Cream Flavor Are You? Quiz

I’ve got you covered. 😉


3. Charter Day Ceremony. 

Hail, all hail, Cornell | President David Skorton, President-Elect Elizabeth Garrett and Board of Trustees Chair Robert Harrison ’76 stand together to sing Cornell’s alma mater at the Charter Day Ceremony in Barton Hall Monday. (Michelle Feldman / Sun Senior Photographer)

This one I actually wasn’t able to make, but there is a live stream here. 150 years for our little old Ivy League is a big deal and this formal closing ceremony shows just how important Cornell is to the community and the community is to Cornell.

I love how regal Cornell ceremonies are! Those of you who were able to attend what were your favorite events?


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