Your Winter Wardrobe Essentials

The negative degree weather we were having has finally subsided and the sun is starting to come out. It is not yet spring, but it is much less miserable wintry… 😛  Although there were some serious icy patches on the ground this morning.

I mean when I searched cold weather this morning… Ithaca came up. Google knows whats up.

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So, when I moved up to Ithaca from Florida last year, my wardrobe definitely wasn’t ready for an Ithaca winter. I think I improved it a bit this time around, but for all of you out there who will be moving up here from a warm place, here are some tips to help prepare you…

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1. A long coat. I survived the first winter without one, but when I got a long one this time around, things were much better.

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2. Fleece-lined everything. Fleece lining is the best thing ever! And when it comes to gloves, hats, ear muffs, and scarves, fleece lining keeps you warm when the wind is hitting you from all directions.

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3. Some serious snow boots. Those adorable heeled snow boots will not cut it here. You need some boots with great traction. From what I have seen the most popular here on the Cornell campuse are Bean boots from LLBean and Sorel boots, but what you really need to just look at is the level of insulation and the traction on the sole.

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4. Wellie-Wellies. Rainboots are a must and good quality ones that dont let in water and insulate are what you need to look for. You would think… ohhh any rainboots work, but trust me I have had some leaky boots in the past. These are necessary for those melty days, those days that mean Spring is approaching!  🙂

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5. A Great Fleece. A lot of Fall and Spring have days too cold for a sweater alone, but too warm for a full on coat, so a fleece is a great inbetween and you will see, it is very popular on campus.

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6. Wool Socks. You need them for snuggly days at home and for inside your wellies. Wool Socks are a necessity and cute ones are a plus!

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7. Leggings or Long Johns. There are definitely days that it is too cold to wear jeans alone, so for those days have a base layer under your jeans makes your life much warmer.

🙂 Hope this helps your wardrobe prep!

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