Once Upon a Time… Ithaca Froze Over

If you have been following the news in Ithaca lately you may have seen this: 

The Visit Ithaca travel site was redirecting people to the Keys! I had already been missing Florida, so this didn’t help! It was funny, though!  

Ithaca definitely has been cold. In fact, this has been the 2nd coldest month ever recorded in Ithaca history! And, the coldest month only beat our February by 0.4 degrees. I should be happy to be a part of such a momentous time! 😛  

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You shouldn’t worry though, I am sure next year will be much warmer! An average February in Ithaca is normally 23.7 F. 😉 

But joking aside, it is not only Ithaca. My boyfriend goes to dental school in Buffalo, NY, right beside Niagara Falls, just a 3 hour drive from Ithaca and they are also having a historic winter. Niagara Falls has frozen. 

It’s not often that this powerful waterfall freezes over due to the temperature, but this winter has done it! 


My boyfriend took a trip to go see the falls and he said it was amazing but one of the coldest things he has ever experienced in his life. 


So the moral of the story, the northeast is a frozen winterland and although Ithaca is freezing, at least we aren’t in Buffalo! 😉 

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