What’s In My Bag?

I love posts about what people carry in their bags, so I thought I would share with you all what is in this grad student’s bag. Luckily, my bag was actually organized today! 

So here’s what I’ve been carrying around: 


In winter it gets particularly hard to find a perfect bag. You need one that can endure the snow and fit over your arm when you have three layers on… You’ll see the majority of people on campus choose to carry backpacks or Longchamp bags. I am personally loving my bag I have now. It is a Loeffler Randall Work Tote, that I got on sale. I also love L.L.Bean canvas totes. They are super durable and you can get them monogrammed! 

Keys: I carry 2 keychains, one for my car keys an another for my work keys. I do this because there are multiple work keys, like 4 or 5, and it would totally crowd my car keychain if they were all together. The costs of keeping Cornell safe! 😛 I don’t mind though, I get to choose two cute keychains. Still searching for one for my car keys! 

Chargers: You never know when you’ll need to recharge your mac or ipad or phone. It is better to carry a charger than be stranded! lol

iPad mini: My iPad mini is one of my favorite things. It is great for looking over a paper or writing up emails in between classes or meetings. There are definitely other tablets that are good too, but I love how light the iPad mini is  and how it can crosstalk with my phone and macbook. 

Headphones: Some days in lab you really need to focus on your experiments and having headphones available to listen to music is really helpful for me. 

Gum: I am a bit obssessed with Stride gum. It is honestly the only gum I will buy, because I back when I was in high school, I systmatically tested out all (or most of) the gum options out there and I truly believe this is the longest lasting. Trust me; I’m a scientist 😉

Hand lotion: An Ithaca winter + lots of handwashing in lab= dry hands. I love this wintery Bath and Body Works Vanilla Noel lotion! 

Lipgloss: Same sort of thing as above. Keeping your lips hydrated fights the chapping due to cold weather! I love this raspberry one I am using now, it’s like a taste of summer during the snowy days.

Wallet: Obviously.. Probably the same as everyone elses, but I do always carry stamps, both postcard and forever stamps. (I love handwritten letters!)

Miniemergency Kit: In my tiny Longchamp bag, I carry Aleve, Benadryl, a bandaid, a hairbow, a few Splenda packets, a memory stick, and even a mini toothbrush. 

Pen: My pen is actually a pen/pencil hybrid. It is the perfect purse pen. 

A Card Holder: I carry a little card wallet for my Cornell ID, because there are so many times you will need it either to get into a building or when you are in one of the admin offices. It just ends up being better to keep it separate. 

Tissues: These are a must for me during an Ithaca winter. The icy cold wind hurts my nose!

Cold Weather Gear: Earmuffs and gloves are two things I always need! And are also the things I always forget unless I put them in my bag, so there they will stay all winter! 

What are your everyday items in your bag? 




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