8 Things to Expect of an Ithaca Winter

It’s that time of year again. The time it gets snowy and treacherous in Ithaca! Ithaca in the summer is beautiful, and you will hear that same phrase at least twenty times when you get here. (People who live here are super proud of their amazing summers!)

But, be prepared for some winter challenges.


Here’s a list of 8 things to expect with an Ithaca winter:



1. Earlier wakeups.Waking up early in the winter is hard in itself since the sun comes up later, but you have to in order to give yourself time for layering your clothes and clearing the snow from your car.



2. Sunny days are the most deceiving. You will wake up to sunlight peeking through the window, dress like spring has started, and end up frostbitten. 



3. Forget fashion. When the windchill outside is -20F, snowpants are the only way to go. Your high-heeled boots will have to wait. 



4. Harder to resist Starbucks. The warm drinks are so tempting when your nose feels like an icicle. 



5. Morning classes are harder than ever. That 8 am class that you had in the Fall was hard enough, but now add the freezing temperatures.



6. Salt is your BFF. You better hope that the salt fairy left you a present in the mornings or else you will be slipping all over the place.



7. Tunnels, I repeat tunnels. Cornell has a tunnel system between some of the buildings down campus. You will want to find out if there are any tunnels that reach to any buildings where you have class and use them. (Sadly, none of them extend to the Vet School…)


8. Its a love/hate relationship. When you are inside, the snow is beautiful and glorious. If only you could stay inside forever.


Also, I added some answers to questions I got. Check it out here!  And as always, ask me any questions you have!  

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