The Guide to a Successful Exam Week….

Exam week is over at Cornell and a deep sigh of relief was heard throughout the campus. I had exams, yes even graduate students still take exams. (Although, later in your PhD once you have fulfilled all your major and minor requirements, there may be semesters where you are only doing research.)


I have experienced many, many college exam weeks and this years was definitely one of the snowiest! I would say how many exam weeks, but that would likely give away my age. So, I thought I would share with you some of my exam week study tips….


1. Plan ahead. This is particularly important in grad school with your research. You don’t want to have all your experiments and exams at the same time if you can help it. (Planning will also give you a chance to use that super cute planner you had to have at the beginning of the year.)


2. Start earlier than you want to. It’s hard. I know. But those extra few days can make the difference of you feeling overly stressed and exhausted. And chances are you’ll never be alone at a Cornell library!


3. Limit the caffeine. It’s super easy to get caught up in drinking coffee to stay awake, but ultimately it makes you feel worse in the long run. I won’t deny I got a tea or two and a latte every now and then, but try to limit it. (It’ll also save you some money for post- exam celebrations!)


4. Eat healthy or just eat. Have a good breakfast the morning before your exam!


5. Figure out what works best for you! I can tell you about my study habits all day, but they may not be what’s best for you. Trust me you will figure it all out with time! Exam week will always bring a certain level of anxiety but figuring out how you can relax will help. (Mochi, my cat, just sleeps all day and gets angry when I try to wake him up!)

Happy holidays, and send me any questions you think of over the break!

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