Stinky Plant

Last week, I saw (and smelled) a corpse plant that is named Wee Stinky on the Cornell campus. The corpse plant, or titan arum, is a very interesting plant that would be very rare to find blooming in its natural environment. A plant grown from seed typically takes 7-10 years to bloom and after that first bloom if the plant remained healthy it would take several years to bloom again, so this was a pretty exciting experience.

Here at Cornell, there are scientists dedicated to studying these plants and thus we were able to see the different developmental stages of this plant and the bloomings occur more frequently then every ten years.


And here’s a picture of my mom and me visiting the plant. We were caught on the live stream. Look at how massive it is!

The Cornell Dairy Bar even offered a special drink in honor of the blooming. A Wee Stinky Latte. I didn’t try this drink, so I can’t speak to its accuracy…. 😛

This is one of the cool things that happens on campus and you just have to listen for and really speaks to the great academics on campus. It is a good idea to follow the Cornell University Facebook page, so that you stay updated on anything big happening on campus.

Here’s what the plant looks like as it blooms.  And if you are wondering about the smell, it starts out earthy and cabbage-like and morphs into a corpse-like scent.

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