Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! 

I wouldn’t say that I am a huge fan of halloween, because I am not that into scary stuff, but I do like anything seasonal, so I enjoy Halloween. Plus, cats are a big part of the Halloween aurora… and I love cats. 

My boyfriend and I carved a cat into a pumpkin.




But, Mochi, my cat, wasn’t too impressed. 

I also enjoy seeing all the costumes during halloween. Last year was my 1st year in the Genetics, Genomics, and Development PhD program and during your first year you participate in three 8-week rotations where you work in labs that you may be interested in joining. This is a way to get acquainted with the lab, the people, and the potential project you may be working on. This is great! It gives you a little trial before you fully commit. I know that most of the Biology related PhD programs have this integrated into their program and you are required to participate during your 1st year, but this is definitely something you should ask about when you are applying to a PhD program. 

So back to my point. Costumes… last year during my 1st rotation I was in the Cohen lab (which also happens  the lab I decided to join). Well, our lab decided that we were all going to have a group costume. And this was the result: 


Here we are listening to music by our PI/nun…. 

We won the costume contest at Vet Tower Halloween Party! 


Enjoy Halloween! 


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