Establishment.. a hidden Cornell gem.

So, some of you probably know Cornell has one the premier Schools of Hotel Administration. But some of you may not know, I honestly did not know about Hotel Schools until I got to Cornell for grad school. If you want to know more specifics, stop over to Lauren’s life on the hill blog. She is actually a hotelie and would be able to tell you all about the school!


All I really know is they have a really cool restaurant/class called Establishment where you can go and get a fabulous dinner on campus! This restaurant is located in the Statler basement and is completely student-run as a part of the HA 3350 Restaurant Management Course. This course runs every semester during which hotel students in the class form teams of three and for one of the weeknights in the semester their team is in charge of the entire restaurant’s operations. They choose a theme and add to the standard menu, manage their classmates, advertise, and try to make their evening the best dining experience possible.


And it really is a nice dining experience. I went last semester with my boyfriend. I got the Korean lettuce wraps and he got the house burger. We really enjoyed the offerings and the affordability for the quality of food you are receiving. It’s definitely something I would suggest people check out! You do often have to make reservations, though because some nights can really get packed!


I think is one of the really unique things about our campus that often is overlooked, but an amazing experience. I mean after all we should reap some of the benefits of having a 4 star hotel on our campus. 😉

Also here is a link to the Establishment instagram, to drool over a bit!

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