American as Apple Pie

This weekend was the 32nd Apple Harvest Festival in The Commons.



Apple fest is a big thing here in Ithaca. After all, New York is the 2nd largest apple producing state in the United States. And this festival is all about them apples! 


There are different streets involved with the festival. There is a street with your typical fair food, one with crafts and arts for sale, one with vendor foods from local restaurants, and also one with all things apple. Apple cider, fresh picked apples, apple pies, apple funnel cake… lots of apple-y things!

Here’s the map:



So, my favorite part of the festival is the Amish stand. There are tons of freshly made Amish desserts, like shoofly pie, whoopie pie, angel cake. I ended up buying a strawberry-rhubarb pie and apple dumplings (for my roommates). I couldn’t resist the deliciousness! I also got some tacos from one of the food vendors, Gorgers that were delicious. I got two one with bacon apple ginger refried beans & apple sriracha and the other with maple apple coleslaw and barbecue pulled pork. They were seasonal for the apple festival and super yummy! I haven’t ever been to the actual Gorgers restaurant but I am thinking I’ll have to try it sometime soon…



After eating and walking around, I left home with some fresh apples for my “apples with peanut butter addiction” and my friends went home with a delicious apple sundae…. crisp apple slices , drizzled with warm caramel, and sprinkled with your choice of halloween candy. It’s healthy right? They are fresh apples… 😉

            IMG_7355      IMG_7363      IMG_7354

Oh and there are also a few fair rides, but I didn’t really get a chance to look at them. All in all, this is a weekend you definitely won’t want to miss during your time in Ithaca!

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