Meet Mochi

Meet Mr. Mochi! 


Mochi is my cat. My gray tabby. I rescued him from a farm in Campbell, NY. When we got him he was a scrawny, little, flea-ridden kitten, but he has grown into a rambunctious, lovable cat. That also has many dog-like traits. His favorite activities include:

Playing catch…


Giving (forcing) kisses…


 Going for walks….


Although he wasn’t always a fan of the going for walks thing…



And, jousting…


I love having a cat, while in grad school. It is great to come home to something after a long day in the lab and snuggle up with. There are tons of cats looking for homes in Ithaca and there is even an SPCA Annex in the mall that is dedicated to helping these cats find homes. I can’t help but stop to look at all the sweet cats in every time I go to the mall. Also, if you are interested in working with animals and want to volunteerI know a few people that have loved volunteering with the Tompkins County SPCA! 

Another great thing about Cornell is that since there is a Vet School on campus, there is a vet hospital for those vets to get experience and you can bring your pets in to be seen by Cornell vet students at a discounted rate. It is also very conveniently located right on campus. Mochi has gotten all his shots, flea medication, and his neuter surgery at the Cornell Companion Hospital. It is great because Cornell is one of the top Vet School’s in the country and I really trust them with Mochi.

Here’s a pic of his after his neuter surgery… He wasn’t too happy about the Elizabethan collar!


As always, let me know if you have any questions!!


2 thoughts on “Meet Mochi

  1. Mochi is such a lovable kitty!!! I am a high school senior who is looking forward to go to college. Your posts are amazing and so attracting for one who has not decide where to go for college yet. Cornell has all the sudden became one of my top choices as I scrolled down your posts. It feels robust and warm, and I can’t help imagining what an aspired life must be in Cornell. What do you think is the most exciting thing about Cornell study environment?Are students easily involved and have many sources for college studies also career plan? Thank you!

  2. Thank you! I am really glad my posts are getting you excited about applying to Cornell. I think that one of the most exciting things about Cornell is realizing that you are in the midst researchers who are doing cutting edge research. I may be partial to this since I work in a Cornell research science lab. I think that there are some great career planning options for undergraduates in particular. For example, there is a huge multi-day career fair where students bring their resumes and meet with prospective employers.

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